5 Reasons For Inspection

  1. Water: Over time water damage can destroy masonry construction materials. A good way to prevent common water damage is a chimney cap. Mortar, brick and stone will fail if not properly inspected and caught before repair.
  2. Lightning: When lightning strikes a chimney, large portions of the chimney can be blown off. This can cause the inner liner to be damaged as well as leaving the chimney vulnerable.
  3. Wind: High winds can happen anywhere, and can be very dangerous to the structure of your chimney. Your wind draft can also cause your chimney to work improperly.
  4. Nesting: Birds and small animals sometimes get into chimneys and nest. These nests can cause blockages and poor draft resulting in carbon monoxide seepage.
  5. Recommendations: The Chimney Safety Institue of America recommends an annual inspection.


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